Project Description

45-year-old female patient who was a very light sleeper and easily wake up at night. Suffered from anxiety. Dreamed a lot. Had Bell’s Palsy 10 days before. Left eye felt heavy and could not synchronically close with the right eye.  Also the right jaw muscle is weakened. Stool is loose.

Treatment Principle and Method:

Patient’s body constitution is cold and damp. Treatment method: warm up the spleen and stomach, transform the dampness, circulate the stuck energy with acupuncture combined with moxabustion and herbal medicine.


Patient came back on second visit next day and reported that her husband thought she was unconscious at night as she slept so deeply the whole night. Bell’s Palsy is 80% better with left eye closing properly. After 3 consecutive treatments, her sleep is deep and she wakes the next morning feeling energized. Bell’s Palsy is 90% better, both eyes are synchronized on closing and opening.